Sethusamudram and Poompuhar Edit

Sethusamudram is also known as Palk Bay. It is a Bay situated between northwest SriLanka and southeast India. Sethu Samudram literally means 'Sea on a Mound'.

Poompuhar is a small fishing village located in the southeast coast of India. It was a very busy port from 5 century BC to 10 century AD. After 10th century AD, the city was flooded and destroyed by sea possibly by a tsunami. Poompuhar was then known as Kaveri-poom-pattinam (Floral City on the banks of River Kaveri). Two Tamil Epics of pre 10 century AD namely Silappathiharam and Manimehalai describe the cityscape of Kaveri-poom-pattinam vividly.

This site will discuss Sethusamudram and Poompuhar seperately as well as the relationship between the two.

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